Neely Loring is President of Matrix, a premier datacenter and IT resource, offering customized solutions for growth, integration and technology for the mid-sized business market. Founded, in 1998, on Loring’s conviction of providing datacenter services and hosted solutions for customers who need the service, but don’t need or want to build a datacenter, Matrix has fine-tuned the core competencies, best practices and best-of-breed approach to providing solutions for our customers for more than 18 years.

As the President of a business that depends on the success of the Indirect Sales Channel system, Loring is heavily invested in victories of businesses within the industry. He is interconnected in ways that allow Matrix the breadth to offer the full spectrum of technology, yet only pursue the business that is the right fit.

Loring enjoys time with his two young boys and finance, on his boat,  fishing and the occasional rounds of golf. However, you will see him most animated and inspired when he is brainstorming, negotiating, planning and strategizing. If you are fortunate enough to spend a few minutes with Loring or hear him speak, it will be a great investment of time. You will walk away from a boundless conversation, filled with insight, experience, some wonderful catch phrases (too tempting not to repeat), and a perspective and vision that will enlighten and inspire.

Growing up the son of a Preacher,  Neely spent many weekends with family working in shelters and volunteering for various causes.  That spirit has serve him and his community well and his willingness to give and volunteer is something so deeply ingrained in him it has become part of his DNA.

Loring graduated from Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina.  He then moved to Columbia to begin his adult life.  Majoring in History but building a life in technology with Non-bank financial firms prior to founding Matrix.

Neely is a proud board member of Telecom For Change. Telecom For Change is a professional organization comprised of the some of the top leaders in the industry who are focused on providing aid to charitable organizations in the context of the Channel Sales Partners community.

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